Welcome to ChironSoftware.com

Hi, this is Leo Kachar Ganyalong, the founder of ChironSoftware.com. I’m the developer of AnyScanChecker OMR Free.

I’m so excited to share my masterpiece software with you, it used to be very expensive answer sheet checker software, 3300 USD per license and it is now running in many universities and schools. I decided to change the selling model to reach more customers, you can use it for free or subscribe to Gold and Platinum membership if you need more functionality. Please download AnyScanChecker OMR Free and use it for your next examination, you will find it very easy to use, just drag and drop. You can use it with scanner or with scanned (“.jpg”) files. Please watch a Demo Youtube video before you start using it, it’ll take just few minutes and you will get the clear idea about it, so please take a look first.

 Choosing the right software edition

Let’s download AnyScanChecker OMR Free and try it first. You can see the editions comparison (Free, Gold, Platinum) in Editions page. You’ll get basic functionality from the free edition, it can

  • Print out answer sheet for your examination
  • Check and mark your scanned answer sheets ( in “.jpg” file type)
  • Show and print out score result

If it works for you and you want advanced functionality such as data exporting and data analysis, you can buy a Gold member subscription or a Platinum member subscription.