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HIPPO International English Language Competition 

This is a feedback from my lovely customer, I am really impressed by this so I want to show you all, this is a prize for my hard work.( to download now, scroll down to the link )

For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 : Please use with only high quality printer, high quality copy machine and high quality paper.

Bug fixes, supports 60Q A5 answer sheet, Negative scores and Score by each choices       Download AnyScanCkecker OMR Free Version 17  supports 300Q answer sheet, save selected scored answer sheets as pictures, bug fixes and faster! Download AnyScanCkecker OMR Free Version 15.3 (old version, will be eliminated soon) Release note V15.3: Change exporting method completely, no more limitation on fields length V15.2: Fix excel exporting bugs: 1) Characters in some languages consume more memory than standard English characters, I’ve expanded length of fields to store and export them. 2) Score partitions exporting fix V15.1: Trim all spaces, when importing student code by excel file, to make better score report. V15: Added feature “Margins setting” in create/edit job dialog, to help you crop out unwanted line/shadow from some scanners. V12.04: International number formatting bug fix. V12.03: bug fix. V12.02: bug fix, reset limit when create a new job. V12.01: Improve Windows 10 compatibility.